An Excellent Bible Reading Tool

I’m really excited about the “Read Scripture” app as a tool to help me read the Bible and understand it deeply. “Read Scripture” features a Bible reading plan that takes you through the entire Bible in a year and includes daily reading of Psalms. The reading plan helps readers not only read through the Bible, but makes it a prayerful experience that grows and deepens our faith and trust in Jesus.

You can find Bible reading plans in many places, but what makes “Read Scripture” excellent is the videos that support your Bible reading. Check out this example video: It’s about three-and-a-half minutes long, and in that brief time it explains the reading plan works. I found this video really interesting and informative.


Then there’s a video for many of the days’ readings. Sometimes the video previews what you’ll be reading and other times videos will focus on themes in the Bible that show up in the upcoming reading. The videos are brief and simple, but they are theologically deep. I learned some things from each video I’ve watched so far.

The app says that you can complete the daily readings in 15-20 minutes. I’ve found that to be true.

Across Platforms

The “Read Scripture” app works across platforms—I’ve used it on my phone, tablet, and PC. I use IOS devices, but I assume it works on Android devices just as well. Note that if you usually read on your phone, but other times on your computer or tablet, the app won’t track the times you read on the other device.

Here’s what the app looks like on a phone screen.

Read Scripture Logo


I see several possible uses for the “Read Scripture” app.

  • It’s an excellent tool for personal Scripture reading. I like the way it incorporates times for silence and a Psalm each day to inspire prayer.
  • Groups of friends could agree together to a discipline of reading and then share what God is telling them via a Facebook or Google group. (I wasn’t able to find any social networking built into the app.)
  • Families could use the app for daily devotions. The whole family could enjoy the videos. Depending on the ages of children, you’d probably want to shorten the Scripture readings.
  • Small group members could agree to read the assigned Bible passages each day and then meet regularly to discuss what they’ve read.

Check It Out

To check out the “Read Scripture” app, download it to your device from the App Store or Google Play.

You can read about the app at .

Also check out The Bible Project, which is the organization that makes the videos: . Go there to watch this excellent brief video: “The Story of the Bible,” which explains how the entire Bible is connected by a series of themes, as well as other Bible-related videos.

I heard about all this on The Phil Vischer Podcast (Phil is the guy who made Veggie Tales). You can check out his interview with the two guys who started The Bible Project at . It’s “Episode 253: Inside ‘The Bible Project’ w/Tim Mackie and Jon Collins.” The interview starts at timecode 18:40.